Search by ZINC identifier, one per line

Results can be formatted to the desired file format. The example below returns only smiles, zinc_id by default. If output_fields are not specified, all available molecule data is returned. The zinc_id and smiles output fields will be returned by default unless otherwise specified.

CURL commands for searching multiple ZincIDs

Example: curl -F zinc_id-in=@test.txt -F output_fields='smiles,zinc_id'

Description Attributes Possible fields
To specify return format curl
  • .txt
  • .csv
  • .json
To add search value -F zinc_id-in=@test.txt .txt file with list of zinc identifers
To specify output fields
If no fields are defined, search will return all possible fields
-F output_fields='smiles,zinc_id'
  • catalogs
  • smiles
  • sub_id
  • supplier_code
  • tranche
  • tranche_details
  • zinc_id

If you want to learn more about search, please go to Zinc22 documentation on wiki page